Caldura 30 litre Digital Plus Silent In-Room Glass Door Fridge ** Sale Now On **

A market leading triple glazed door makes this unit not just stylish, but efficiently cool too.

Caldura Glass Door Digital Plus 30 litre Silent Mini FridgeCaldura Digital Plus Silent Mini Fridges are professional units designed primarily for use in Guest Rooms.  With the most comprehensive feature set that you will find on any refrigerator or minibar, once again we present a class leading product at an exceptional price.

Low Loss Triple Glazed Door

The majority of glass door refrigerators are unable to maintain a cold enough temperature to store perishable items, making them suitable for use as can and bottle coolers only.  Not so with the Caldura Glass Door refrigerator.  The class leading triple glazed door significantly reduces losses through the glass, and the unit is therefore quite capable of maintaining proper refrigeration temperature.

Purpose Built Digital Controller

Caldura Digital Plus Mini Fridges are equipped with a specially designed Digital Control system which continuously monitors and adjusts every aspect of the units operation.

Precision Temperature Control

The Caldura Digital Plus Range maintains incredible temperature stability which in turn, makes for reduced power consumption, and lower running costs.

Intelligent Auto Defrost

The built-in intelligent automatic defrost process adjusts itself automatically according to the ambient temperature and loading of the fridge, ensuring that Caldura Digital Fridges always remain frost free for minimum maintenance.

Tamperproof Thermostat

A unique programming system ensures that there is no visible thermostat to fiddle with, Caldura Digital Plus Silent Fridges will always remain at the temperature you select.

Open Door Alert

Caldura Digital Plus units are fitted with an audible warning system that will grab your attention if the door has not been properly closed.  Either a single tone, or a progressive alert tone sequence can be selected, you will be hard pushed to miss it!

Over Temperature Alert

Part of the continuous monitoring system - Should the temperature within the unit rise more than 5 degrees above the set temperature, an audible warning will sound to alert the user.  This would usually indicate that the unit has been overstocked with unchilled items, but it will also sound should the cooling system ever fail, which is invaluable for peace of mind.

A Fridge or A Minibar

Caldura Digital Plus Silent Fridges can be set to any temperature between approximately 5 and 14 degrees.  At the cooler end, the unit is designed to keep perishables in optimum condition, whilst at the warmer end, the unit will keep drinks and snacks at a refreshingly cool temperature with significantly reduced running costs.

Special Minibar Features

The following additional features are aimed at the hotel and guest house Minibar market, but they may be useful in other situations too.

Door Opened Indicator

Enables housekeeping staff to see at a glance whether or not the Minibar has been opened so that they know whether or not restocking is required.  When the door is opened, the internal light will signal if the door has been previously opened by the guest.

Automatic Power Save

If the Minibar is not used for a number of days due to the room not being occupied, it can be programmed to automatically relax the internal temperature by 5°C, producing a significant cost saving when operating large numbers of Minibars.  Once the room is occupied and the guest looks inside the Minibar, the Digital Controller will rapidly chill the Minibar back down to the target temperature.

Automatic Standby

If the Minibar is not used for a number of days, it can be programmed to automatically enter standby mode.  This can be useful for student accommodation where rooms might be left unoccupied outside of term time.

Manual Standby

The unit can be programmed to go into Standby mode simply by leaving the door open.  After 10 minutes, the 'Open Door Alert' will stop and the unit will enter standby mode.

Please note that this unit is not suitable for enclosing within furniture.


Silent operation through absorption technology.
Capacity 30 litres.
Intelligent auto defrost with rapid recovery.
Tamperproof variable thermostat (5 - 14°C).
Interior light.
External dimensions (w x h x d) 400mm x 500mm x 420mm.
Weight 16Kg approx.
1 adjustable shelf.
Reversible door.
220/240V AC operation.
Power consumption: 45W.
Colour: black.

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