Caldura 30 litre Compact Mini Fridge ** Special Offer **

Caldura refrigeration products are professional units designed primarily for use in Guest Rooms.

Caldura 30 litre Compact Mini FridgeBy employing a new triple fan design, the Caldura 30 litre Mini Fridge boasts powerful cooling performance, reduced power consumption, and quiet running.

For Hotels and B&B's -the Caldura 30 litre Mini Fridge consumes 25% less power than a silent fridge, representing a significant long term saving, on top of the lower initial investment.  With a door shelf that will accommodate a standard milk bottle (1 or 2 pint), juice cartons (1 litre) and a bottle of wine, this unit is ideal for slightly more demanding space restricted environments.
For Students - the Caldura 30 litre Mini Fridge is a semi-portable unit - it is light and robust enough to be transported to and from your accommodation at the start and end of each term without suffering the punishment.

Quiet Running

The Caldura 30 litre Compact Mini Fridge employs special electronics to lower the power consumption and significantly reduce the speed of the cooling fans once the correct operating temperature has been reached.  The effect of this is to make it very quiet during normal running, whilst maintaining the capability to rapidly chill back down when required.

Ideal for student accommodation, or use as a B&B guest fridge.


A real mini fridge, not just a cooler or chiller.
Capacity 30 litres.
Frost free operation.
Variable thermostat (5 to 10°C.).
Interior light.
External dimensions (w x h x d) 420mm x 485mm x 400mm.
Internal dimensions (w x h x d) 345mm x 390mm x 210mm.
Weight 10Kg approx.
Cooling capacity 20°C below ambient.
1 removable shelf supplied, optional second shelf available.
1 shelf in door.
220/240V AC operation.
Power consumption: 37W.
Colour: White.
Uses the latest thermoelectric technology.

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Special Offer - Free Second Internal Shelf (normal price £5).

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